Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Hannah's Cranberry Caper

Too cool for school - check out our shades... we're super lucky dogs in Carmel, CA for the Thanksgiving holiday! A whole week of fun, sun, and running on the beach with all kinds of crazy canines. Mom's working on our new Beach Day video, too. Stay tuned for that!

Mom and Dad spent all morning cooking great smelling stuff for Thanksgiving weekend. Lucy and I lucked into a couple of pieces of stew meat sauteed in red wine and housin sauce by hanging out near the kitchen and pretending not to notice anything unusual. (They don't cook much, so it's totally out of character!) Dad's kinda learning how to cook and so he made pumpkin bread and cranberry bread for the first time ever. Boy did that work up the olfactories!

In the past us dogs have been highly obedient regarding fabulous food items on tables, but when Mom went off to buy the turkey and Dad went into the garage, that cranberry bread was too hard to resist. Lucy grabbed it right off the counter and started to scarf it down and I joined right in, too. We didn't leave one crumb - not one piece of evidence. It was a very clever clean sweep, if I do say so myself. And man was that good chow!

Mom was confused for a few minutes when she got home. She asked Dad if he had wrapped up the bread, but, tee hee, he hadn't. They looked at each other funny and then started giggling and scolding us. We feigned innocence, but I think they knew exactly what happened! (They aren't as dumb as we think they are.) I overheard Mom using bad words and discussing our 'digestive systems' keeping her up all night pooping cranberries. Then she figured out that Dad forgot to put sugar in the pumpkin bread. Dad said we could have that loaf, too. I think they're going to start all over tomorrow morning.

The good news is that we're doing a book signing on Saturday, Nov 24 at 11am at the Pilgrim's Way Bookstore in Carmel. The Beach Day for Hannah book is a hit here, because, of course, it was shot in Carmel. Mom got us these silly Christmas collars for the event. (What do you think?) Mom's also going to talk to a nice man named Hal on the Monterey Peninsula radio, KRXA - AM540 on Friday morning at 8am.

Last week Mom was in Chicago doing book readings at Joseph Sears and Willowbrook Elementary Schools and at the Book Stall Bookstore in Winnetka. She had fun but we couldn't go on the plane.

Anywho - hope you have a fabulous Thanksgiving. We're giving thanks to cranberry bread for sure!

Love & gobs of giblets & gravy!


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