Thursday, August 2, 2012

Grandma is Amazing!

So not only has my grandma, Judy Petrie, been top-dog sales person for my books, and maker of the cute little heart collars for my stuffed Hannah dogs, and mother to my mom, now she has outdone herself with a birthday present for mom. Check out these amazing needlepoint pillows! (I told her people are going to want to start buying these, too, but she says she’s not gonna do it.) Can you believe she made these? I can’t – first of all I could never hold a needle in my paw, plus I certainly wouldn’t have the patience to push it through a tiny hole in a canvas like that. But she sure did a terrific job of making me look grrrrrreat on canvas. Grandma is amazing!!

What grandma really liked was that we got a nice note from Doris Day. Ms. Day has a dog-friendly hotel called the Cypress Inn in Carmel, California, where my new book “A Beach Day For Hannah” was shot (in Carmel, not at the Cypress Inn!). So Mom left her a couple of books for being a dog lover and all. It’s a really cool hotel cuz dogs get to lounge in the chairs and on the couches - stuff we don’t even get to do at home. Grandma said Doris Day was her favorite star when she was growing up because she was a wholesome girl next door (like me) and sang great songs (unlike me). Ms. Day has done a lot of good work helping canines out over the years. She deserves a lot of credit from all her doggy pals.

I also got a nice note from a Governor named Hickenlooper… Hey, that rhythms with pooper scooper! He’s a terrific governor from Colorado, and I’m going to vote for him when I’m old enough. It’s been a hard summer for him with fires everywhere and crazy people doing bad things and I’ll bet he’s plum tuckered out right now!

Que sera sera!
Love Hannah

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  1. Wow, Hannah, you tell that grandma of your's she's PAWSOME. Those cushions are amazing.