Monday, September 12, 2011

Hannah & Her Sister Star in Ben-Fur

As dogs we, of course, eagerly love to go on walks ~ as many walks a day as anyone will take us on! It’s the highlight of the day ~ all those smells, places to go, things to see… But now that I’m a little older this has become problematic if only one master is available to walk us together.

At first Mom tried walking us on separate leashes and complained it was like reigning in the Budweiser Clydesdales. (Click on Clydesdale video - love the hair extenders!) Frankly we did conspire to drag her down the street; and then connived to wrap the leashes around her legs; and then argued about it loudly when we were all tangled in a
knot. It was hard for Mom to maneuver a baggy pick up as well. That’s always quite exciting. We’ve even pulled Mom down a couple of times, we’re so strong as a team. She’s not too keen on that!

So Mom got us a new get-up ~ well really she rigged it so that Dad could walk us both over to get her Starbucks latte in the morning. He claims we’re like Ben-Hur racing around the track with our harnesses and the doggy connectivity device. (Click here for exciting Ben-Hur race & imagine Dad in one of those hats) Lucy and I think we’re the stars of Ben-Fur... but me thinks Dad’s kinda being a chicken. He’s too scared to carry the two cups of hot coffee back in the chariot. Mom’s gotta figure out a coffee connectivity device so we can work it all out and accomplish our act of service in the morning.

Mom says my book is finally coming in a couple more weeks. I can't wait to see it!!

Love & tons of harnessed energy!!