Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Hannah & Her Monkey Business

Dad went fishing this morning with his brother and Mom was on the phone for awhile with her sister, telling her about my book, and so I snuck upstairs to find out what was going on up there. Didn't take long to find this cute little monkey - well, not so little. He was big and stuffed full of great stuffing like a big old turkey. He kind of looked like Curious George and so I shred him. (You know Curious George, right? He gets into so much trouble that it seemed like I should retaliate somehow.) Schnikees was that so much fun! I got the stuffing all over the room and my sister, Lucy, was just watching me and smiling. I think she's a little older and wiser, because I got into some serious trouble after my mom found the monkey and stopped laughing. Well, I think it was more about the other monkey business that I left for her in the other room. Sure stunk up the place real good! But she was on the phone and didn't let me out in time, and she was the one that left the door open so I could go up there! She should have known better!!

Happy shredding!
Love, Hannah

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Hannah & the Blender

When Mom & Dad came home after going out to dinner last night I was totally freaked out and hiding in the bathroom, locked in the shower to boot! She couldn't find me but she was startled by this really loud noise in the kitchen. (I was startled too, to say the least!!) I don't know what happened but when I was sneaking up on the counter I think I knocked one of my big old paws onto some kitchen machine and moved a knob. Mom laughed when she saw the blender was on and the house hadn't burned down yet. She said she thought I was making margaritas, but I'm not sure what those are. I learned a lesson, though - no more sneaking up to look on the counter for me, boy! That scared the beegeebees out of me!

Don't get locked in the shower today! Come read my book instead!!
Love Hannah

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Hannah's Safeway Adventure

I had the mostest funnest adventure this morning. (Even better than when we made my book!) Mom went into the grocery store and I waited patiently in the car for her. Usually I like to sit in the drivers seat when she’s gone and pretend I can drive. But today I waited in the back of the SUV because I could see her walk in and out of the store. I was really ready when she came out to load the groceries in the back. I pretended to be sitting real good and straight, but as soon as she leaned over to put in a grocery bag I jumped right over her and ran into Safeway! Oh boy, oh boy was that funtastic! I ran circles around all the fruit bins and she was chasing me everywhere, but sure shoot she couldn’t catch me. I think she was laughing pretty hard, but I can’t be sure. It was a super fun game. Some work guys were putting in really long florescent tubes. Luckily I dodged around them! Everyone in the store was so surprised and laughing at me. I was having a blast! I was trying to find the meat department but I never made it there. I headed for the front door with a big grin on my face! I almost knocked over a little old lady on my way out, but I was more careful than mom expected, which was a great relief to her. (I think she was glad it was so early in the morning and less people were there.) A nice man caught me in the parking lot. Boy, oh boy was mom mad! She yelled at me and said I could have been hit by a car, besides being just so plain unruly and full of trickery. I don’t know – what do you think? I think it was worth it!

Big doggy smile & lots of licks...
Love, Hannah

Monday, June 20, 2011

Hannah's Book: A Snow Day for Hannah

Hannah loves mountain climbing and the snow. When she sees a snow storm coming, she high-tails it home to wait out the storm. She can't wait until it's over because then she will be able to bound outside and play in the fresh snow.

Follow Hannah's snow adventure in this adorable children's book. Filled with fabulous photographs of this cute little pup, enjoy the rhymes as you watch her climb up!

Hi - this is Hannah and I would love it if you came to visit my very own website to look at my very own book. You can see all kinds of super cute pictures of me climbing mountains and doing fun stuff in the snow that you might want to do too! Do you know what? Some kids have never even seen or felt the snow and so together we can show them what it's like!

Lots of Puppy Love!

Sunday, June 19, 2011

About Me, Hannah the Mountain Dog

Hi there! I'm Hannah and I'm a Bernese Mountain Dog. My ancestors originally came from Bern, Switzerland. Sometimes people call us "Berners" as a nickname.

Do you have a nickname? My other nickname is "Hannibal" and my sister Lucy has the nickname "Lucifer." That's Lucy in the picture with me on this page. We love to play tricks on our people, Linda and Jim, and that's why they gave us these nicknames.

My breed is part of a family of dogs called "Working Class Dogs." Working Class Dogs are really big dogs like Saint Bernards, Newfoundlands and Great Pyranese. Those kinds of dogs are even bigger than me! Working class dogs work really hard at things like pulling milk carts and avalanche rescue, because, you guessed it, we all loooove the snow and the mountains!

And we love people and small people, too! We like to lick nice children and lean on their parents. And if there's any ice cream or peanut butter in sight - you better watch out because I might try to steal it from you!

People love us Berners, too. When I walk down the street, everyone smiles at me, and because I'm a very cute puppy, I puff up my chest, wag my tale a lot and smile back and try to get lots of people to pet me. I'm usually very successful at this, particularly if I'm sitting outside a restaurant waiting for Jim and Linda to finish breakfast. The guy at the breakfast place even named a special pancake dish after me! His name is Tim, his place is called Syrup, and he likes dogs a lot.

Sometimes Linda calls me "Wiggles" because I get excited and squirm around a lot. Do you do that? I bet you do sometimes. Squirm and giggle and wiggle? Those are some of my bestest moves.
Lucy and I are really lucky because we live in Colorado and we get to go hiking in the mountains a lot. One time, though, we drove all the way out to California and got to play on the beach. And you're in big Berner luck because soon you'll get to read about that beach adventure in another book that your folks or grandparents will buy for you!

Love and lots of wet kisses,

PS - Come see the book about me called "A Snow Day for Hannah" at - I guarantee you'll love it!!