Saturday, August 13, 2016


A Birth Day for Hannah, A birthday for hannahHannah's new book, "A BIRTH DAY FOR HANNAH," is due for early release on October 1, 2016!
Hannah the Mountain Dog gives birth to 9 adorable Bernese puppies in this beautiful children's photo book with rhyming story. Follow the development and antics of the puppies until they are ready to bounce out into the world on their own.

Be the first in your backyard to own Hannah's new book, on PRESALE now for $15.99 (retail $17.99). Books will be sent on or before October 1st.

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A Birth Day for Hannah is "another great book full of rambunctious puppies that leap and wiggle off the page, softly nudging the reader to buy another great Hannah story! I love it!"
--Nicole Magistro, The Bookworm of Edwards, CO