Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Hannah & the Mangroomer

Hi, it’s Lucy here, Hannah’s sister. (I’m guest blogging today, that’s me on the left licking my chops.) Hannah’s in some trouble. We were driving up to the mountains and mom and dad stopped in Vail for a brief time and left us with a car full of fun stuff to consider. They think we are maturing, but we’re totally not at all! We’re still full of mischief!! But hey, think about it. They left us with a mangroomer and that looked like a dangerous item that needed to be taken down. I told Hannah, “Just imagine if dad turns that thing on us, he could shave us bald or give us a Mohawk, and then what would we look like? And leave us with a hairy rat tail, or a mullet to boot!” That might look good on other folks or a poodle, but she wasn’t too keen on that so we agreed to tear it apart ~ and his other electric razor too. Dad wasn’t too happy (although we did see him laugh), and he didn’t really want to share this story too much either. But it’s a good one and now his back is still like ours. He should be happy that we saved him!

BTW, mom says the book is going to the printer this week and should be ready in early September. We can hardly wait!

Keeping up the good work!
Love, Lucy

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Hannah's Favorite Doggie Videos

Okay - so I really like to be the center of attention, but some friends sent me these two videos, and hey, I can spread the puppy love around sometimes, too! I do a little talking, but my sister yells a lot (my mom calls her Loudmouth Lucy), but this lucky talking dog went viral big time! (Dougie sent me this one; it's his all time favorite)

and after watching this video that my friend Kate sent, I think I'll take up tango lessons! This Latino retriever is one talented muchacha!!

If you've got great doggie videos to share, let me know! I'll link them in my blog and website at!