Thursday, January 12, 2012

Hannah Visits Edith Teter

I'm not sure who Edith Teter was but she sure has a cool school! The oldest working school in Colorado they say. They're building a really nice new school, but this one had tons of character and so did the kids in Fairplay. They made a fab poster for me and it made Mom feel really happy, too. I did a great job of cleaning up all the snack scraps on the floor like I always do. Dog's gotta have a job you know!
Billy and Kristina from the Boys & Girls Club of South Park were there with us, too. They were really nice and helped out all day. I'm super glad proceeds of the book will benefit the kids at those Clubs!

Those students couldn't believe how much I'd grown up since those pictures were taken for "A Snow Day For Hannah." I'm almost 5 times the size I was a year ago. It's fun being a puppy and this big at the same time! And I sure did love all the attention and all the pets I got from those children. They were super nice to me and I hope I get to visit them again some day! I loved the mountains there, too.

Love from beautiful South Park Colorado, Hannah

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Hannah and Her Sister Star in a New Movie

Hannah and her sister, Lucy, filmed their antics in the snow over New Years weekend (yes there was snow on the ground!)

Hold on, please, for two minutes of doggie amusement:
Watch Hannah's Video!
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Happy New Year and Best Wishes For Fresh Powder!
Hannah & Lucy