Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Hannah Gets Her DAG Card

Dad says it’s official – I can get a DAG Card! (The Dog Actor’s Guild, silly…) Check out our new beach video. If you liked the Snow Day Video you won’t be able to wait to see our antics on the beach!

And check out these shenanigans at home. Mom set up a blue screen for me and everything. Boy did we have fun shooting this video. Dad was doubled over and mom cracking up so hard when she was editing that she wet her pants, just like Lucy does when someone fun comes to visit. She said I looked like Buck Rogers, whoever that is – some beach dude I guess. We haven’t heard them in hysterics like that for awhile. It got us all worked up to trying to figure out what was happening. But then I think they were laughing just because it was us and we’re connected to them. We’re nutty crazy for the beach and love makin’ waves. I hope the kids think the new video is funny, too.

Not only that – Mom had an interview with Hal on KRXA 540 last Friday before her book signing at Pilgrims Way bookstore in Carmel. If you’re super bored today you can listen to that, too.

The holidays are coming, so remember – you can buy “A Snow Day For Hannah” and “A Beach Day For Hannah” online or at your neighborhood bookstore. (If they don’t carry it, then if you ask for it maybe they will.)

A Special Event: Hannah and Lucy will be at the Sie Film Center on Colfax (formerly the Denver Film Center) on Sunday, Dec 16 at 11:00. Mom will do a reading, we'll watch the videos and then guess what? The kids get to watch The Polar Express and SANTA WILL BE THERE!!!

Mom is also going to do a reading at Gorsuch in Vail on December 21st from 2-6pm. They are selling her books like nobody’s business – on display as you walk in the door with the little Hannah dogs... (they are Berner lovers, you know!) Lucky me to be in such a fancy pants store.

Hang Ten…
Love Hannah


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