Monday, February 27, 2012

Hannah’s North Shore Adventure

Mom said that she had a blast last week on the North Shore of Chicago. She read “A Snow Day For Hannah” to all kinds of kids in a gazillion places including The Kenilworth Club, Willowbrook Elementary, Joseph Sears School (her Alma Mater), Crow Island Elementary, and then at The Book Stall bookstore in Winnetka.

She said reading to the kids was tons and tons of fun and that they really, really liked seeing the
YouTube video of Lucy and I wrestling in the snow to that funny music. I guess they laughed at us a lot. We are kinda funny that way! We play really hard.

I couldn’t come with Mom to Illinois in real life like I usually do, being that she had to go on a plane and all to get there. She had a fakey substitute Hannah toy that makes me a little jealous. It doesn’t smell like a dog and it won’t wrestle with me, but I guess it’s pretty cute if I confess my true feelings. (Actually I’d love to tear it apart, but she won’t let me.)

I’m a little upset that I missed so much fun! She’s still talking about it, using a strange word I haven’t heard, “buzz.” Sounds like a busy bee to me. She hopes the Boys & Girls Clubs will make a little more money from those Chicagoland book sales.

She said I even got into some newspapers, and that’s the kinda stuff I really love. Little dogs like me need to be seen - and petted all the time, too. Big humans like to read newspapers. (I love to shred them up and use them for other naughty things.)

The little humans seem to like reading picture books with cute dogs (AKA ME) in them, and they really love to snuggle with the cutesy phony Hannahs while they read my book.

Mom said it snowed really, really, cool, huge, soft snowflakes one day while she was in Illinois – just in time to read the snow book. One kid was super creative and made a snowman like I did with dog biscuit eyes and nose! Maybe I’ve started a new trend in snowman fashions!!

Speaking of Hannahs, Mom went to visit the real first Hannah that I was named after. She’s a nice lady with a cool husband that Mom’s known since she was a kid. That man named my Mom “Peach” when she was a little tyke and she’s had that nickname ever since. Everybody, almost, calls her that now – at least the people she really likes.

Okay – Mom says I’m going on too long today, but it was a big week. Quality Books wants to help her sell to Libraries and we got a decent Kirkus Review. She even sent “A Beach Day For Hannah” to the printer and it’s supposed to come out May 1st. Just imagine all the things I can do at the beach with all of my unusual talents!! You’ll have to wait and see…

Love coming from the Chi-town area!



  1. This is Darshan from Willowbrook. Hannah's an awesome dog! Where did you get Hannah?

  2. Hi Darshan,
    Hannah came from a town called Livermore, north of Fort Collins in Colorado. The breeder is called High Country Kennels Ada Kaufman