Monday, April 30, 2012

"A Beach Day For Hannah" is Here!

Mom's been hauling boxes of books around all day. My new book, "A Beach Day For Hannah" finally arrived and it sure has lots of cute pictures of me playing on the beaches of Carmel - I bird watch, I swim, I build dog bone castles, and I do some surprising other things that you'll have to check out in your own copy of the book... I don't want to give away all of my various secret talents! Proceeds from this book will benefit Boys & Girls Clubs, too.

Mom's been working on this new book, reading to kids, looking for a good publisher, and taking care of me (and doing her day job). I had a few weeks time out for girl stuff, if you know what I mean. Mom and Dad needed a time out, too, so they took a fun trip to France and saw lots of artwork and goofed off while Lucy and I lazed around the house. They said it was nice not to be woken up by dogs in the morning for over a week. Hey, a dog's gotta do what a dog's gotta do when the dog needs to doo... and we's gots to eats, too!

Mom and Dad are going to peddle books at the Furry Scurry in Washington Park/Denver on Saturday. Then Mom is going to head out to Gettysburg, PA next week 'cuz there's a Bernese Mountain Dog Specialty show and she thinks lots of folks there might want to look at fab pictures of me and take home a book and a cutesy stuffed replica of yours truly. You oughta go see her standing out there if you can! She might need some moral support, if you know what I mean...

Hey, by the way, I got a decent review on my Snow Day Book by Kirkus Reviews - the toughest reviewers around. They said, "With a cute hero and gorgeous vistas depicted in clear, bright photos, young readers will happily curl up on a parent's lap to see Hannah's antics." They said some other stuff, too, but that was the bottom line.

Love and Fun on the Beach,

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